The Middle East is Expensive??!!?? The Jewish Jersey Shore

I didnt do much research before going to Isreal. In my time spent in India I met a ton of Isreali’s and loved them. They loved me too and were always shocked when I wasn’t Isreali or jewish. They swore I was and in another life I am sure of it. Where to go after Turkey? Lebanon was first on my list but hotel prices were high and not many airbnb places. I asked friends from back home what was up and they informed me of how expensive Lebanon is. Whhhhhaaaatttt??? Why? I was so surprised that Lebanon would be more expensive than Europe.

I flew into Tel Aviv on the Jewish New Year’s Eve. TRAVEL POINT: Look into observed holidays before you travel. There were no buses or trains when I arrived at 2:30pm. They had all shut down. A taxi was 150 shekels ($40) and everything was closed for the next two days. Thank goodness the beach wasn’t one of them. There isn’t much to see in Tel Aviv besides take in the vibe. Isreal was more pricey than I would have thought too. Average hotel rooms were around $60 and $30 for hostels. I stayed at an airbnb by the beach for $30. I am not a stickler for prices but when you are traveling long term you have to be aware and able to sustain traveling. A friend told me I had to go to Old Jaffa to get the worlds best hummus which I did and it was truly amazing. img_6615

I spent 5 days in Tel Aviv and while it was cool. I couldn’t quite figure out why the high price tag on such a run down city. All the hotels that lined the beach looked like they are from the seventies maybe eighties. The beach is lined with life guard stations and sun chairs. Canopies are closer to the restaurants by the road. Its very commercial which takes away from the beauty of the beach.

Israelis are much more health conscious. This may or may not have something to do with the fact that they all have to serve in the army for four years. When they are 18 part of their duty is serving their country, even the females.. Which is also why I met so many in India. When they finish service and get out of the Army they usually travel to South America or India. There is a very apparent military presence everywhere you go in Israel. Armed guards, armed army personnel walking around, checkpoints, it is clear that they are ready for battle and in unrest. There are many people who walk, run, bike around Tel Aviv. The beach has volleyball courts set up that stay lit up at night and are usually occupied. It also has killer outdoor gym equipment that is free. I face timed with my parents who remarked it looked like the Jersey shore. That about sums it up, A Jewish Jersey Shore. img_6620

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