So Long Asia, Hello Europe!

img_5914I landed in Milan where Phillipo and Halala met and picked me up the following day. It was a grand

img_5923reunion of fantastic energy. We set off on our road trip and headed to the Italian coast making our way towards Ibiza. Paved roads meant we could drive. This was already a big improvement to what we were used to. Hotels were much more expensive than in southeast asia but this was expected. In France we drove to a mountain town to meet a friend we had travelled with in India. He welcomed us at this small community mountain town and gave us a place to stay.dsc00203


From the mountain village we headed to Barcelona where we spent a couple of days basking at the beach. Europe is super simple to travel around. They have tons of markets and you can find everything you need and lots of things you don’t need.

Food wasn’t too spicy and while there weren’t a ton of vegetarian options there were still options.

Driving was very different. They have a lot of round a bouts that are a bit scary to me. It seems like they drive faster but that could just be me. Being from America I have a difficult time adjusting to the metric system, twenty four hour clock and degrees in celsius.

Most people speak english and if not you get to delight in their beautiful language. I remember hearing Italian upon arriving and thinking how nice it was to hear a language that sounded like a song. Hindi, Nepali, Thai and Cambodian while very different languages, dont sound pretty to me. The Thai language is borderline annoying and other languages sound so angry, choppy. The Italian language flowed and was soothing. French the language of love, ooh la la and oh so expressive. Spanish I was familiar and well versed in so real time practice was awesome. Whereever I went I tried to pick up pieces of a new language.IMG_5935
Thank You:img_5915

Hindi: Shukria
Thai: Kap Kunh Kah (super nasaly)
Italian: Gratzi
French: Merci
Spanish: Gracias
Arabic: Shoe Kran
Turkish: The Sha Ker
Hebrew: Toda


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