Super Seana

A self proclaimed fitness fanatic, personal trainer, yoga and group fitness instructor. I have taught a variety of classes ranging from yoga, BUTI yoga, barre, spin and high intensity circuits. My passion is movement, dancing and connection to not only the physical body but seeing others explore their body and power in a new way. I left my gym rat, class junkie lifestyle to wander around the world but never miss a workout and am blessed to be able to share them with you… with a bit of a twist.
Mixing HIIT- yoga and meditation I find an explosive balance of energy and peace.


I am nothing more than a reflection of your light, brilliance, & beauty.

Who Am I?
This changes often and daily- thankfully so.
Always evolving, learning, growing, playing, living and
attempting fabulousness with a smile!

For the longest time I thought my purpose in life was to make others happy.
There is a certain amount of joy that comes from being the cause of others happiness.
It occurred to me that this may not be the best purpose as it is always dependent on
something external and in this case not even a something a someone.
A constant and exhausting variable.


True happiness comes from within.
To help others finds happiness and peace, for themselves, within themselves so an authentic connection can be made.


Who Are You Not to Shine?
Guiding Principle: Luminosity
Shine by inspiring others with the reflection of their own radiance.
Be brilliant by esteeming others.
Cultivate Beauty and Express Yourself.
Allow Your Essence to Fully Shine and Inspire others by example.


??? What Lights You Up and How Can You Share It???
?? How Can you Inspire Others to See and Reveal Their Own Brilliance??
? How Can You be of Service ?
? How do You Star in this World ?
I am inspired to inspire others.
I give with all my heart
I am grateful to be of service.
I star as a beacon of light that helps others find their own light and star in their lives.