Sweat, Stretch, Shine – 30 Minute Magical Mind, Body, Soul Workout

Power Up! We all want to feel our best in every way on every level and we should.

Our modern-day world is hectic, non-stop, oh so busy, and leaves us reactive, disconnected, tired, devoid of feeling and/or unsatisfied.

The majority of our focus is on the external. There are countless programs, routines and regimens to pump up or slim down your physical body. But… what good is a sexy body if you are mentally and or spiritually checked out??

What if there was something you could do that combined everything you need to be fully functional on every level, body, mind, and soul? You COULD go to the gym. You COULD take a yoga class. You COULD meditate. How long would those three activities take you?  2-3 hours?

Work Smarter. Not Harder.

Full Power in Half an Hour (FPn30) is a dynamic approach that leaves you feeling like you could take on or over the world. In just 30 minutes, you will get the most beneficial fat-burning full body workout, crush a killer core session, breathe, stretch and soak it up.

Here is the breakdown:

Sweat – HIIT– High Intensity Interval Training

15 minutes timed intervals 45/15 : 45 seconds work 15 seconds recovery
Timed intervals are the most efficient way for your body to work: fat incinerator

Core – Ab work, your core is your centre and where all movement stems from.
It’s imperative to focus on these usually under-activated muscles to properly support your body. After putting in the effort to burn fat, why not carve out a six-pack?!?

Stretch – Yoga – Now that your body and muscles are warmed up, we ease right into stretching.

10 minutes connecting your breath and movement. This is a cooling-down period which allows muscle recovery and mindfulness as you move with intention.

Soak it up, Savasana – Meditation – Once you have physically exhausted yourself, you will find it is much easier to slip into relaxation.
The final 5 minutes of this session is spent soaking up or marinating in the juiciness of your practice. Let everything go and allow the time and space for yourself to simply be.

This is a kind of dynamic meditation in which you have a physical catharsis; HIIT and Yoga. Which allows you to fall into the stillness and space effortlessly.

The results have been amazing. Try it out for yourself. Let me know how amazing you feel and what your experience was. Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, feedback, requests or if you just want to say hello. I love hearing from you!

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