Cairo, The Sphinx and Pyramids

Tourist trap like whoa!! Be super wary of taxis- they overcharge and are super sketchy here. From the bus station I took the metro to Giza and got off at El Giza. A man on the metro informed me I wasn’t close to the pyramids- I asked someone at the corner store how to get to the pyramids. He said 1.5 for a minibus or 20 for a cab and told me to be careful with my phone. The first cab I came across didn’t speak English but a kind gentlemen translated and I was on my way or so I thought. The cab driver shook hands at an intersection with a random man who then stopped traffic  and suddenly we were now going the opposite way of the pyramids. The hand shaking man then informed me that the pyramids close at four and the only way there was by camel or horse. I said that fine and I wasn’t going to the pyramids I was going to my hotel- pyramid inn which was directly across from the pyramids. With this new information the price of the cab was now 40 pounds- wtf! Absolutely not, I argued and the cab driver turned around and headed toward the pyramids. It didn’t take long for the driver to pass the sign that pointed toward the pyramids or for me to say I was done with this cab and would walk. So I walked to the pyramids where indeed they informed me they were closed and no hotel in sight. Multiple offers for cabs ranging from 30 pounds to 5. A group of young guys saw my frustration and said they were going to the Sphinx entrance also. I joined them on a mini bus which was only a pound and they paid for- super sweet and kind. It seems like that’s how it goes in Egypt, people are either trying to take your money or super duper hospitable. From the Sphinx entrance the hotel was easy to find and the most welcoming place I have stayed.

Visiting the  Sphinx and Pyramids

You pay to go into the pyramids and someone takes your ticket, no joke you don’t even have the ticket in your hand and someone is already trying to sell you something. This guy happened to be peddling carriage rides said to be through the government. I declined repeatedly. It seemed that a preference to walking was a foreign concept. When you walk you are now a target and subject to every camel, horse ride and other various peddlers. At first I was polite and said no thank you again and again and again as they are relentless but towards the end I opted to completely ignore them as I no longer had the energy to engage.  From what I saw the treatment of the animals isn’t humane and I certainly didn’t want to contribute to that.img_6775
There are two tombs inside the pyramids you can pay to visit in addition to the 80 pound admission, the first is 200 pounds, the kings tomb. The other is 40 pounds at the third pyramid and is not worth it as you literally don’t see anything but a passage way inside. I don’t recommend the second cheaper option.
The pyramids themselves are epic and truly a sight to see. You can wander through tombs and soak up this wonder of the world. At night there is a light show that tells the story of the sphinx and pyramids and gives history relating to it. img_6764[flagallery gid=33]
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