The French are Aggro Drunk Lovers

Holy alpha male batman! I found the french to be super aggressive and condomsexual. The first time I saw an outdoor 24 hour condom machine was in the south of france and my jaw dropped. This is usually something you purchased at a convenient store, drug store, or super market. Now that I think of it, I have seem condom machines before however it was somewhere yucky like a rest stop bathroom or dive bar with a seedy/ sketchy undertone (possibly overtone). Cheers to the french for making it that much easier to have protected sex… but wait a minute. Was it really that hard to begin with?!? Is there that much demand for condoms that warrants a 24 hour dispenser? Back to the point of the french being uber sexual. I met some really cool french characters in my travels and the majority of them were very sexual people. They had sex on the brain. Observations they made were quite sexual and seemed par for the course. It was a little shocking at first.

“When you see a women that isn’t wearing much and doesn’t leave anything to the imagination. Something physically happens in a mans body naturally. I have no control over it.” Xabi said with wide eyes

“Women can dress however they want its part of freedom of expression”, I retorted to Xabi “Then I should have the freedom to drag her by her hair back to the bedroom, as my freedom of expression.”

I couldn’t help but smile and shake my head. He had a point. A primal caveman point but a point nonetheless. caveman

Another frenchmen openly told me that he had been with a women who was in her sixties when he was only 22 and if that wasn’t too much information he added that she was very satisfied.

Bimal was incessantly in adoration of pretty young things and expressed love in every and all ways possible. Wow.

It seemed as though there were no personal space boundaries. Touching is more visible and open. The whole double kiss thing, I find endearing, but I can see where it is an immediate more intimate exchange that most americans are used to.

While spending time in France I was constantly being hit on, asked out and was even asked in for dessert- wink wink boink boink. The compliments were flattering but also exhausting~ all these guys wanted was sex. Was there no evolution as to a perhaps more meaningful exchange without that of bodily fluids?!?

Where does the aggression come from? History of rebellion, revolt and revolution?!? Possible. Remnants from the Napolean era and misguided energy. Sure. But seriously I have no idea. Fighting is a very natural thing for the French. Its like the idea of fighting is engrained in their DNA. I asked Giam, a young boy I met wandering around Paris, what he needed protection from when informed me that everyone needs to be able to protect themselves. Add in wine and alcohol to this already agro predisposition and boom super testosterone brawl fights. Its not just the men either there were multiple times when I would smile at a female and this would prompt her to ask me “what” or give me a dirty look and not look away. Very aggressive. Regardless of this interesting stereotype which my experiences proved to be somewhat true, I love France and the French. frenchiheartparis

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