Ibiza Party Central…What was I thinking?!?

I took a ferry from Valencia, Spain to Ibiza. The ferry was $95, a flight from Barcelona would have been cheaper or around the same with an hour flight time.  There were issues as they found a gram of weed on us and proceeded to search the car and all of our luggage. It was a lengthy process but in the end they let us go. Ibiza
Arrival to Ibiza was hectic. Lots of bright lights and people everywhere. It looked kind of like Miami. People were in club outfits and or as little as possible, very dolled up. We found a cheap hotel for the evening and thought we would figure out where it was we were supposed to be tomorrow as it certainly wasn’t here.

The next day we ventured out of Ibiza proper to search for the lost land we had been envisioning and hearing so much about. We met with some friends from india who were staying random places. The most popular of which was more of a campsite. It wasn’t what I had in mind as far as where I was going to spend even a few days yet alone the summer. The consensus was that we came to Ibiza 30 years too late. This was reinforced and told to us by many others. What used to be a hippie haven was now super touristy and very commercial. We went to a hippie market that charged four euros for parking. You could “dress up” in hippie clothes and have your picture taken. While the hippie idea remained it was now tangible and for sale with a pretty pricetag. It didn’t seem like you could escape from the tourists. You could but you definitely needed a car and even then there were no cheap options. So again our idea fell short. A friend I met traveling was going to meet me in Ibiza in ten days so I was stuck. Halala and Phillipo went on to check out what south Spain had to offer as we had met an amazing couple that told us malega may be more of what we were looking for.img_5998img_5967_-_version_2

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