Chillin in Cambodia… Until….

I was in Cambodia doing not much more than relaxing and taking in the country. I had spent the last three weeks adventuring around Thailand with my parents. Their traveling was not what I was used to. Where ever I wander and end up I like to stay for at least a week. This allows me to get more of a feel for the place and people. I am not a fan of rushing and don’t worry about the time. This is standard however it works out much better for me now that I am no longer in America. No itinerary, more of a relaxed go with the flow kind of traveler. In three weeks there is far too much to see in Thailand to be laxidasical. Phenom Penh was where I went directly. Then to Kep where I was told was a great place to chill out.

Cambodia Kep ChillKep was indeed super mellow not much to do except relax. Kampot was next en route to Sihanouksville. I was about to venture to Vietnam when I got a call. I hadn’t talked to Halala officially since I left Nepal. There were some messenger chats but nothing more than love, light and blah blah blah. After many squeals of excitement she asked what I was doing. I told her, wandering, checking out southeast Asia. Her grand plan was to fly to Europe where Phillipo another fantastic character and dear friend would pick us up. He had a car and thus a road trip along the French Riviera to Ibiza. Final destination: Ibiza for the summer. It didnt take that much convincing. Southeast Asia would always be there for me to explore but a summer road trip around Europe with angels was priceless. Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 1.55.12 pm

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