Never Again Nepal

I am aware that many people visit Nepal, find the people so charming and welcoming, the mountains and treks are magical, however I am not not one of them and my experience was the farthest thing from it.
I wouldn’t pay the $30 visa entry fee to get in to that s#!thole country again. The most unwelcoming underdeveloped overpriced country I have yet to visit. Nepal is all about the money. No connection. Tragic. Perhaps it was because I was coming from India which to me is such a colourfully rich soulful country.

Many people I talked to traveling in Nepal said they were visiting Nepal as a test run or pre trial before India, they had been to India were overwhelmed and preferred Nepal or had no interest in India whatsoever.  Many Nepalese people had never visited India this seemed a bit odd to me seeing as how it is so close and vast.
The landscape is gorgeous and breathtaking in places but the energy and experience of Nepal lacked connection, depth or a pulse. A native Nepali man told me that part of the problem or perhaps the stem of the problem is with their government. It is very corrupt and therefore produces the same.

I did meet some amazing and incredible souls while there but more often than not I felt like people didnt want to connect or chat with me unless there was some ulterior motive, i.e. money in some form.

While there I visited Pokara, Chitwan and Kathmandu which is what people ask when I express my dismay for the little country. It didnt matter where I went I just wanted to leave and I would have if I hadn’t had already had a flight booked out of Kathmandu. I didnt do any trekking (hiking) which is another thing people say you don’t get a real feel for the country unless you do. A month in Nepal was enough to last me a lifetime.

The earthquake happened two weeks after I left and it may be a positive thing for the country.
You know when tragedy unites people, that is my hope for Nepal.

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