Happy in Hampi

My travel plans were non existent. My time in Arambol was coming to an end. The energy of the city had shifted and I had been there for more than a month.  Many travellers next destination was either Hampi or Gokarna. Nath, my neighbour and new friend was venturing to Hampi and so I jumped at the opportunity of traveling with him by night bus to Hampi. This would be first Indian bus experience and I was happy that I didnt try to undertake this solo as I made not have made it. There are no signs to anything, the bus station itself, the bus lines running, time of the alleged bus you were to take. A language barrier, also didnt help and too many locals who didnt know what a queue was and thus pursued to push their way through where ever they happened to be going. Regardless of getting on the wrong bus at first we made it there arriving around 7am. It was an indian holiday so our options were limited as far as places to stay. This also explained why there seemed to be so many locals traveling.We found a place through the rice fields surrounded by massive rocks and a view of the river. Down from The Goan Corner, next to Manju’s place both of which I spent just as much time at as my own spot. Sharmila is a playful and fabulous character. Her and her husband Taco ran the Goan Corner which have the best vibe and gymnastic rings, score. It attracted many people for bouldering, slack lining, yoga, and other various activities. Every time I was there I made a new friend on an interesting adventure and was inspired to try something new.img_5138


Hampi is a gem, boulders, stones, and walls surround rice fields that encompass the small town. The massive rocks draw crowds of climbers and fitness enthusiast. Score again :). Hampi is a Unseco site for the incredible ruins and temples. A little river separates the new part of the city where many shops, restaurants and guest houses are from the old part where the ruins and temples are. There are also shops and I heard some cheaper guest house options however never looked into it myself in the old part. At night restaurants feature and play different movies. I was thrilled to watch fear and loathing in las vegas on a random night although you do have to be mindful to get there early or there wont be available seats to view the featured flick. The town has a kewfew and shuts down around ten, the late night party scene was nonexistent. This was a nice change coming from Arambol.

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The ruins, temples, sunrises, sunsets and awesome energy of Hampi shouldn’t be missed if and when you go to India. The Ganesh temple where an 18ft stone carved Ganesh sits left me in awe and I meditated in the temple for an hour soaking up or playing in the massive energy. The ruins are absolutely amazing. Sunrises atop of massive stone which you have to climb up first thing in the morning get my blood pumping and heart pounding which thus sets the tone for the day in this enchanted magical town. A week was far too short a time to spend here so indeed I will be going back. Next Stop Om Beach, Gokarna.



Hampi Foot Note:

Hampi doesn’t have 24 hour electricity. The government pays for electricity to upkeep the rice fields however limits the usage so in most places. No electricity midday ten to five. It is hot during the day (no fan), limited power supply for devices, lack or  inability to connect to the inter web.

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