Chaos in India

The thing about chaos,
is that while it disturbs us,
it too, forces our hearts to roar
In a way we secretly find magnificent.

old Delhi traffic 3

As an American I come from the land of the free, at least in theory. I didnt realise how conditioned I was to follow rules. I found myself constantly asking if I could do this or that or rules about things or the process of things, to which I often got the response, this is india, do what you want . This took me awhile to get used to but was even more apparent when my Mom came to visit. She was incessantly asking about things. I found myself repeatedly answering yes, nodding (perhaps with a bobble head) or just whatever to which she would then turn and ask someone else. We are conditioned towards direction. We want to know or feel that what we are doing is okay, acceptable. In India there are no processes or standards there are just too many people to properly regulate so chaos is the norm. An ongoing atmosphere of beautiful chaos. Life itself is divine chaos, embrace it, breathe, and enjoy the ride.

You need chaos in your soul
To give birth to a dancing star ~ Rumi

Sidenote: Bobble Head- You see this a lot. It isn’t a yes, head nod up and down. It isn’t a no, head shaking left to right. When you ask a question sometimes the indirect answer is given with a bobble head tilt which is somewhere in between the two and can mean nothing and anything.

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