Goa, Arambol

Goa is the state, Arambol is the city. Goa is like the Hawaii of India. Super mellow, laid back and beautiful. Not really like Hawaii but a beach vibe and super shanti (peaceful). My first trip to India and stay in Arambol I was nearly completely occupied with yoga training. Going back I was grateful for the freedom to not only explore the area but also to connect with the people of Arambol as well as other travelers.arambol-beach-1


Arambol dramatically changed since my last visit, not surprising seeing as how it had been five years. The party scene was now full power. There were tons of Russians (notorious party people), Isrealis (trance lovers) and an eclectic mix of people all out to have a good time. There were also a ton of new families that were now inhabiting this small beach town. Preggo women, babies and children running around which made for an interesting contrast. There were a sea of options for classes, trainings, or workshops relating to yoga. As yoga seemed to be invading and prevalent in many other parts of the world, Goa was no different. Yoga, meditation, live music, dance and an assortment of healing arts are part of the vibrant scene, that attract travelers from all walks of life. Arambol-Beach-68242


Sweetwater Lake is a cleaner quieter part of the beach. You walk along the cliffs which are lined with shops, restaurants and guest houses for ten minutes which lead you to a serene oasis. As the name entails sweet water lake has a small lake and much more mellow vibe. Not as many people go there so its a perfect place to chill out. Arambol Beach 6

Every evening at sunset there is a drum circle and foreigner market on the beach so you can dance, play and shop for trinkets that you may not find elsewhere. arambol

Arambol is not that big, and is basically a main street lined with shops, tattoo parlours, mini markets, cafes, speciality shops and guest houses. There is only one ATM in the small town that has ten thousand as its population. arambol street

Numberous friends and acquaintances were made in the two plus months that I stayed in this lovely active town and will be going back because, well, it is kind of like home to me.

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