Revelation. Take Off. Start Now.

Who would have thought the day would come. Okay, I knew it was coming. It was planned as much as it could be. Thinking back to how I got to where I am now. I made this huge life changing decision and voila just like that I am outta here. Which is awesome, the power we have over our lives is empowering. Scary as hell and thrilling at the same time. If it scares and excites you, You should definitely DO IT!!!

In the years leading to where I am now I have had countless jobs in numberous fields, 3 serious relationships, an exorbitant amount of friends and connections. I have been blessed enough to live in 8 different states and visit many colorful places. I was proud to call Denver, Colorado home but I was ready for new adventures.

Mini Revelation:
What did I want in life? A question that when asked will invariably come back in echoes; to be happy. Happiness, doesn’t everyone want to be happy?!? What does happiness look like? This can be more difficult to answer and varies from person to person. More often than not it is easier to tell what you don’t want than what you do. True.

Recent studies had shown that happiness comes from growth and learning. While this is encouraging it also made me pause as growth comes through challenge, change and often being uncomfortable. What I do in daily life certainly doesn’t embrace getting too far outside of my comfort zone. I follow a routine and thrive in an uber comfy cozy environment. While the comfort zone is a wonderful place to be no growth occurs there. What was I doing on a daily basis in order to grow?!?

Call to Action!
I sold everything and gave up my lavish life to be a full on gypsy and wander the world or at least Asia. I reached out to my amazing teacher and founder of Tribe Yoga, Scarlett Meghian, where I had done my original training. After some qualification, I had to send a letter of intention and what I had been doing since the training, Scarlett invited me to be an assistant to upcoming 200 hour yoga training in Goa. I was ecstatic not only to be immersed in the original training but to also be able to contribute to the aspiring new yoga teachers.

So no more job, goodbye downtown loft and Kush Colorado life. Goodbye – So hard. It isn’t really goodbye because I will be back.

Empty Apt.

Just like that I made that happen. Focus is like a laser beam.
What are you focused on and how are you growing on a daily basis?!?

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